PC Shutdown for power management of networked pc users, power management.

PC Shutdown

Easy and fast setup
Setting up the solution is very easy and straight forward. Simply install the server
software in one PC, note down the server settings, and then install the clients.
Automatic or One-button click to power up Wake-On-LAN enabled computers
You can set a timer to automatically power up computers that are Wake-On-LAN enabled.
You can enable Wake-On-LAN in your computer BIOS setup.
Automatic clean-up of clients during timer logout, shutdown or restart
Deletes temporary Internet files, cookies, recently used files etc.
One-button click to shutdown client PC’s

You can activate any shutdown action with just one click of a button in the server
  Idle Shutdown  
  Log off current user  
  Lock up workstation (Windows 2000 and XP only)  
  Turn the monitor Off  
  Start the screen saver  

Freezing PC to control PC usage
You can freeze client PCs that you do not want others to access. When a PC is frozen, a
freeze window will appear and cover up the entire desktop to stop usage. You can
configure the look of the freeze window. This feature is useful in managing Internet café
and classroom PC’s. One interesting use of the freeze window is that it captures the last
screen shot, so that you can see what the user was looking at.

Support action timers
You can configure timers to automatically trigger actions on clients (either individually or
as groups). For example, you can set a timer to shutdown all office PC’s at the end of the
day, and then set a timer to shutdown the server PC itself.

Broadcast text messages
You can broadcast text messages to your clients (either individually or as groups). One
use of this feature is to send a reminder message to your PC users that the network is
closing down in 5 minutes time.

Support grouping of your client PC’s
With group management support, you can easily manage and control your client PCs.
Timer actions can also apply to a group or a single client … very flexible.

All activities are recorded in the logging system.

Reporting is available at both the client level, which enables the user to view their energy
performance, and at the server to view the Enterprise or individual departments.
Reporting provides detail on the hours of use, energy used and saved, together with the
CO² element. Reports are available in detail and summary.

Fully support multi-users workstations
Remote Shutdown Client is designed to work well on multi-users workstations. It can be
controlled by the Server software even when there is no logon or when the client PC is
locked up.

School Classrooms
The PC Remote Shutdown solution is can be use in school classrooms. The teacher’s PC
will have the Server software installed, whilst all the student PCs will have the Client
software. When the teacher wants to talk to the entire class, they can freeze all the
student PCs. When the teacher wants the students to use their PCs, they can then
unfreeze them with the click of a mouse. At any time, the teacher can send a text
messages to any of the students. At the end of the lesson, the teacher can activate
shutdown on all PCs.

Cost Justification
The average Energy Star PC will use up to 280 watt when stressed and when running or
idle fitted with an LCD monitor its consumption will average about 160 watts.
The potential saving therefore for PCs working for 8 hours per day over 5 days and not
turned off becomes 16 x 5, and 24 x 2 . This total of 138 hours will at a consumption of
120 watts save 1.67 kWh per week or approximately £78 per PC per year
CO² Saving

Based on the DEFRA guideline of.43kg per kWh,
The estimated savings would be:

No of
7.2 kg
373 kg
71.8 kg
3733 kg
359.0 kg
18,668 kg
718.0 kg
37,336 kg

System Requirements:
> Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98 SE, NT SP 6 or 95 OSR 2 (with Microsoft
Internet Explorer 5 and above)
> 2.0 MB hard disk space available for software installation

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PC Shutdown